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I have called and called on mexicans at the construction sites and NOTHING happens

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Makes you feel like @Tallest_Skil, doesn't it?

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I’d imagine so. How would you feel if a genocide was being committed on your people and they were brainwashed to support it?

I guess you’ll never know, yid. You’ll just get the regular kind of genocide.

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So CC your congressman and document it.

We're living in a new age, and not following the law as a government employee will have repercussions in the new America.

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My coworker is head of RNC here and he has contacted proper represebtative and text all the way up to a secretary of governor of arkansas NOTHING and we are losing work cause these fucks

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Speeding tickets pay more.

Posession and use are easy cases to win.

As soon as there is an incentive, illegal aliens will be a higher priority- put 866-DHS-2ICE on your speed dial