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I must say, the game is really fun! Although it doesn't have offline progress as many of today's incremental games do, it's really fun!  

  • The graphics and the animations are cool, pretty and looks like much effort was put into it.
  • The interface is really sleek, although it can be complicated at the first time, flashing buttons will guide your way.
  • It has an AdVenture Capitalist feeling for me (buying buildings, running them by yourself, then buying managers so they run them for you, and then profit) *I like the addition of weapons, armors and the pets, too bad the pets don't show up from time to time, but they add to the random chat bubbles that come from the hero! :D
  • The random chat bubbles, oh they are fun to read. :D Also, try clicking your hero a few times... or more. :D
  • The news are really helpful, they give discounts, more profit from your buildings, investment discounts etc.
  • The "investment" part it really fun, it has a chance to fail, but if it doesn't you can multiply your invested money with them!
  • Joining guilds helps you to over time gain more and more from your buildings just by them producing the items/coins you need.
  • Your hero also makes levels, and at some levels you will change class, that will result in more coins, your buildings will work faster, you will get more fame etc.


The game is really fun. And I can only imagine how fun it'll be after an offline progressions system and even more things to do! Definitely try it out!


These are my thoughts after about 20-25 minutes of playing. Enjoy. :)