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Chinese are the biggest cheaters and very notorious cheaters in the US university system. You think they give a fuck about us or our education standards? They don't give a fuck. The chinese are the yellow jew.

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China invented standardized testing way before anyone else. The test was for getting a government job, which ultimately resulted in rapant cheating. Unsurprisingly the government did not consider this a problem. And thanks to communism we now have a "No solution" mentality across china, even if they try to fix it Chinese people with oppose the change (like an actual protest against anti-cheating measures taken for university tests).

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I've been telling people for years, every stat out of China is a lie, including the IQ numbers.

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All the Chinese know how to do is make knockoffs. The replicate brand name products and rebrand them with a name one letter of from the original in some cases. They are basically flesh and blood 3D printers.

Japanese people are the intelligent asians. The rest are not much better than niggers.

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Japanese and some Koreans are respectable Asians, the rest are stupid mudbugs. Chinese are cheats and thieves, very much the kikes of the Far East. SE Asians are closer to niggers and spics in their intelligence and behaviors.

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"We want fairness. There is no fairness if you do not let us cheat."

Fuck 'em.

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Mainland Chinese are stupid animals, it’s the East Asians of China/Koreans/Japanese Asians that are the smart ones.

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Still smarter than niggers though.

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Not hard.

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Smarter than mud too.

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Has anyone ever said the chinks have high iq?

Japanese and south koreans maybe, but the chinese are only good at anything because there's fuckin billions of them.

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"Official" IQ stats have the Chinese tied with Japanese and only a point below SK

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iirc didn't they take that study only in Hong-Kong and pretended it applied to all of China?

Just like they took the Azkenawhatever Jew numbers from one class of advance student?

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https://archive.fo/GqZE7 :

Riot after Chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating - Telegraph

'Another of the external invigilators, named Li Yong, was punched in the nose by an angry father. '

'"We are trapped in the exam hall," wrote Kang Yanhong, one of the invigilators, on a Chinese messaging service. '

'By late afternoon, the invigilators were trapped in a set of school offices, as groups of students pelted the windows with rocks. '

'This supervisor affected his performance, so I was angry," the man, named Zhao, explained to the police later. '

'A special team of female invigilators was on hand to intimately search female examinees, according to the Southern Weekend newspaper. '

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