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I heard Hitler also ate food and breathed air.

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A people without music or humor, twisted into political puppetry, will find intrigue and subversion against them just as often as they execute it against their enemies.

Here we are outside of that, laughing.

Emphasis mine:

The conductor, Roberto Paternostro, who is Jewish and whose mother survived the Holocaust, told the BBC back then: “I know that in Israel this isn't accepted, but many people have told me it's time we confront Wagner, especially those in the younger generation."

I'd rather they continue to boycott Wagnet. "Confronting" a composer can only mean subverting the art itself.

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https://archive.fo/6rEIJ :

Richard Wagner: Israeli Public Radio Slammed for Playing Hitler's Favorite Composer

'Israel’s public broadcaster has apologized for playing the music of 19th-century composer Richard Wagner, a renowned anti-Semite. '

'There is no law prohibiting the playing of Wagner, but orchestras and venues in Israel typically boycott his music. '

'Wagner, who wrote pamphlets on the "Jewish problem" in German music and was a strong opponent of inter-racial marriage, was Adolf Hitler's favorite composer. '

'The forerunner to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra stopped performing his music in 1938 following Kristallnacht. '

'A few minutes later, the piece was cut short by a 40-second pause, which the station said was a technical glitch. '

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