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Somebody submit this to r / childfree with a snarky title, and mine the resulting venom production to redpill fence-sitters on the normalfag social medias.

Edit: Actually, they have responded in threads like this, where multiple users suggest bringing in immigrants and adopting from foreign countries, instead, as the "smart thing." It shouldn't shock me that people act dumb, like they don't know what a "nation" actually is, but I'm often bewildered that they take communist word games at face value.

Noooooo they need more people, but only the right kind, silly!

DAE all people are the same!?


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https://archive.fo/e3Yza :

Putin poses for photos with Russia's biggest families for Order of Parental Glory awards in Moscow | Daily Mail Online

"He presented the country's biggest families with The Order of Parental Glory and a bouquets of flowers in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow."

'The Ursov family from the Republic of Mordovia stand tall and stiff as they pose with their leader. ', " A woman on the far right can't take her eye off Putin during the awkward photoshoot"

'Putin was seen awkwardly leaning in for a selfie and puffing out his chest as he stood with clans from across the country for ceremonial photos. ', "The purpose of International Children's Day is to recognise activities that promote 'the institution of the family and child-rearing and reverse the country's falling population."

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