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A monkey from Nigeria has monkeypox. What else is new?

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Color me blue.

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So it's worthy of quarantining him but needs to be stressed at least half a dozen times that it's nothing to worry about and doesn't spread easily? God I hope this ooga booga is patient zero of a modern day plague.

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They wouldn't see any equivalents between quarantine and borders.

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It's mildly infectious now. With enough human victims, natural selection may change that.

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Turning the first world into the third as quickly as they can.

Monkey pox kills one in ten that it infects, and it's spread in humans by repiratory droplets.

Globalists and feminists really are so blinded by greed they're no more than retards. We'd be better off with an inbred monarchy.

By the way, globalists and feminists are antifeminists. A real feminst movement would by about full time family women. What we call actual mothers that raise their own kids instead of dropping them off for the state to raise. They wouldn't be putting up with monkey pox or the deadly diseases grown by drug use and spiritless sex.

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I'm sure they're feeling stronger already

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Its unfortunate that stuff like this happens. Its why no Third-Worlders should be allowed in our countries. They can't be allowed in whatsoever. We need to stand up against them and keep them out, because ultimately it turns into a situation where not only viruses are brought in, but certain aptitudes and predilections that can be both self-destructive and destructive.

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Can anyone with knowledge of such things tell me why a Nigerian resident would be staying at a British Naval base? I would have thought that would be off limits, no? Or is this a military person that was in Nigeria?

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I don't know but if I was running a country and a foreigner showed signs of sickness from a disease that doesn't exist in my country I would quarantine them in a military hospital at gunpoint.

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woah we're finally going to adapt to more foreign bio threats.

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YAY. Lesson time!

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