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Impossible, it does not even biologically correlate. This shows that the left is not even saying that race does not exist, but they are using it to push whites in a corner and say there is a need for more race-mixing and things like that because blacks are the future of the world or something along those lines.

Its pretty messed up and its not surprising they are hitting the young and vulnerable with this crap, because children are very impressionable and carry their impressions later into life no matter on how innately conservative they as it regards cultural matters.

They can hit hard too on the end where sex and reproduction is because that is where they can make their biggest leaps and bounds. Demographics points to the direction your society and political systems are headed.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention: In the other pictures, the woman is fucking a black guy when explaining reproduction, so the kids can understand how that came about.

Interesting they don't show how the woman then has to live off welfare because the nigger runs off to fuck others. Main thing kids see it "normal" to have kids that don't look like you at all.

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Its all social conditioning and to be honest its the whole micro aggression dynamic working at a certain memetic level. Its warping young kids minds to hate their own kind basically.

Its fine to promote life among all the races, but one should love ones own and that is basically it. Of course, when the message is to create a degenerate and vapid society then we know the left has gone too far and certainly there is a racial component tied back into it as they are ironically proving with the Negro leaving the white lady who just gave birth to his child. Sickening.

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Do you have pics of this?

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Can you post more pictures? I can translate it.

Hon hon baguette, mon cheri. ;) ;) ;)

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you're an idiot, don't you know anything about the female body.

its showing how the bowels work

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This is wrong.

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I did not know humans can give birth to chimps!