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That level of cuck makes me sick.

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Care to elaborate? Im guessing the father went on tv and said that we shouldnt blame all mexishits for this and we are all the same race etc etc?

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Via /v/news/2700966, her father wrote an article, which includes:

To the Hispanic community, my family stands with you and offers its heartfelt apology. That you’ve been beset by the circumstances of Mollie’s death is wrong. We treasure the contribution you bring to the American tapestry in all its color and melody. And yes, we love your food

He apologizes for her murder and brings out the trite goodthink line about Mexican food. Read the rest. It's like any Hollywood speech, made more disgusting than usual by the context and the fact of who the author is.

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Someone should murder him. Hes not fit to wear that badfe of "father".

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I am unable to understand this.

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Absolutely disgusting. Posted it at that sewer reddit, though: