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We already knew this.


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30 years ago Sweden once one of the safest places on earth. Look at it now. How's that diversity working out?

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That makes me so sad, man. I've truly given up that it could ever go back to what it was.

What I can't understand is the brainwashing. HOW can the people accept the rapes, the murders, and just let it go? I'd be killing people. And by people, I mean the mudslimes and degenerates; so, really, not people.

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I think the people need to focus on the politicians that started the problem to begin with. Public hangings come to mind.

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Hope is a hell of a drug.

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Barbara Spectre, is...is that you?

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Really, it’s not “diversity”.

It’s niggers and Islam.

Anywhere you look they ruin everything.

If you had a country consisting of only whites and Asians it would be the most productive in the world.

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Diversity on the planet is good, and works.

Diversity in every damn political region, without shared principles, is ONLY about dysgenics, and it is anti-diversity.

Taking all people from all lands, and artificially forcing them together eliminates diversity. It eliminates distinctive adaptations to parts of the globe, and the diverse culture that comes from each.

It's one thing to be for allowing diverse people to come together somewhere. It's another to force everyone together everywhere. The latter is the opposite of diversity. It will eliminate it. It may irrepairably damage humanity. Nothing like it has ever happened before.

It is simply dysgenics.

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Numbers in the table are from 2003. I think Australia's ethnic fragmentation has gone way up over the last decade. We recently hit 25m pop, 33 years ahead of schedule. The majority of our population growth comes from immigration, not organic growth.

Also, a pet peeve from the same article. They finish up with a "politically correct" claim that there is always room for more by comparing Australia's land mass and population to the U.S. If the writer ever got out of inner city Sydney/Melburne with their chai lattes and smashed avo toast, they would find out that most of Australia's land mass is unable to support people living there.

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Same in Canada, it's all bleak, rocky crownland.

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Its not all bleak, a good amount of it is thick forest.

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Turdeau loves that word....diversity. Brainwashed, mind controlled freak.

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In other news, the sky is blue

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