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True true... But ur preaching to the choir here. Got some practical ideas?

Here's my take: a temporary strategic retreat into 'marginal' lands outside of society. Permaculture life leads to autonomy. From here its basically a numbers/waiting game - rebuilding our culture & health, homeschooling and undoing the brainwashing - raising strong men. Then we get rid of the plague once and for all and retake what has been stolen, or fortyfying our new paradise against parasites.

To be honest: i fear it's our only option because arable, fertile land is degrading by the second. You will have no real options against goy poison food once its really all gone or under their control or if you will be able to buy some. Remember this: arable land supply is static (or even declining) + population is rising which will lead to higher landprices. Luckily the goys are dumb and want to live in rat and wild animal infested cities (or mass production cages) so that is the reason why the prices are not rising as steep as they should.

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I think that's a suicidal mistake. If we have to relocate then concentrate in already relatively friendly states/countries. Like the Free State Project which doesn't have exactly the right goal in mind (but is implicity white).

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Like the Free State Project which doesn't have exactly the right goal in mind (but is implicity white).

New York Times: New Hampshire is Too White, And That’s A Problem

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Care to explain why living a healthy, autonomous life in a homogenous society is suicide? Even if we dont move to one place - doing homesteading, each for themselves with large families, is (in my eyes) the safest bet for our future children and generations to come.

I think ignorance is the greatest suicide, along with stopping to learn each day and giving up, or not going all the way.

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Dude! Dig the name!

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There are some groups who are trying such as the Northwest Front.


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I wish them all the very best. Would join.

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Same thing /v/EmergencyNation will do. (however some Identitarians are not satisfied with our plans for voluntary segregation so the NWF may be better for you)

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Red lining and removing federal taxes. Create a de facto ethnostate within the USA based only around economics and freedom of moving rights. Federal authorities will threaten funding cuts to the nascent state- like how they push the age of drinking to 21 by threatening highway spending.

Take the financial hit anyways, and keep on going, while finding innovative ways to still receive our fair share of the tax we pay- and slowly start paying less while demanding the same protections and citizenship in our 51st state. Make it desirable to move to, but create our own border force, and basically oust anyone who isn’t you.

Set up businesses by totally undercutting tax rates that other states offer. Set up factories on the borders that are upwind of neighboring states.

Refuse to enforce federal overreaching authority on education and on other measures.

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Make sure you don't keep the retarded/crippled babies!

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That’s thanks to Monsanto slowly poisoning Americans for decades.

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One way of lowering that number automatically is by not fucking niggers.

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There are no more continents left to colonize on. We'd have to displace another society, kind of how the Muslims are doing it. War is the only way.

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This is the right answer. We could even try to brainwash other races to fight for us. It works for Israel.

Emulating the Tribe

Of course we don't need to turn into Jews for doing so. Nonetheless, we should start looking at them with a more positive outlook. Not as allies or natural superiors, as some of them undoubtedly fancy themselves to be, but as people who succeed and from where we can draw insight.

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They are born and raised from day one being told they are God's chosen people and everyone else on earth is beneath them. And that anything they do to help a fellow Jew is a virtue no matter how horrific it is to others.

They don't just have a lack of universal morals, but strict extreme at all costs in-preference.

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Siberia or Northern Canada are looking like our best bets at the moment. Both are becoming more habitable due to warming periods. Shitskins can't into cold weather.

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You do know Canada is commie land, right? I would take Siberia any day.

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Global warming will free up Antarctica and all the alien bases! Just wait a bit. Gore says it’s happening soon!

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HaHa! I relocated to Eastern Europe 25 years ago and am living the dream. I say some stuff in my local pub like "why the hell would we need those niggers" and everyone is like "why would you even ask that question, not only don't we need them but we don't want them"

Don't worry America, Eastern Europe has your back.

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I was in Hungary a while ago and my cab driver started ranting about how Germans are stupid for accepting the immigrants lol.

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Eastern Europe has gone way, way, way up in my estimations in the last 5 years, especially in the last 2. I heard Polish is hard to learn. :(

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As a trilingual who was born and raised monolingual, there's no such thing as a hard language. There's only a language whose ass you kick and there's a language you let kick your ass.

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Go make some babies you faggot

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Wasn't tradthot Faith Goldy banned from some (((social media platform))) for repeating this? I wonder how many normie Whites are now comfortable with the 14 words after all the anti-White fest of the last few years.

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Come on. . . Don't call Faith a TradThot. She's never overtly sexualized herself.

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Yeah, I think she was. What do you think of her running for mayor of Toronto?

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What do you think of her running for mayor of Toronto?

I wish she would have run in some smaller more conservative town first to improve her chances of winning. From what I heard Toronto is super liberal.

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It's a good thing because she would give some Canadians license to finally speak their minds, similar to what Trump has done these last few years. Doubt she'll win though, but regardless, wish her the best.

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Motherfucking right! Listening to Vivaldi and as a track peaked, I read that. I'm ready

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I'm a huge fan of Summer, especially the ending. Which song were you treating your ears too?

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It was in summer alright, got the blood flowing.

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There are more of us than it may seem. Do not run away like rats into the bushes. (((They))) want us to run away and marginalize ourselves. Find your brothers and sisters where you live, strengthen your bonds, and resist politically.

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The survival of our People is the only thing that matters.

Jews will not replace us.

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