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It shall be called Burnju Day.

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Knowing Jews, only about 10 of them died, numbers overinflated by Jewish historians.

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What happened? Did they wake up to the Love = Diamonds psyop?

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"Throw the jeeeeew down the weeeell..."

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So my country can be free!

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haha Burn those witches!!!

Happy Valentines Day, Goats

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Anti-Semitism in the population

The causes of the increased anti-semitism are easy to make out. Its development found fertile territory in the religious and social resentments against Jews that had grown deeper over the centuries (with allegations such as host desecration, blood libel, deicide, and Jewish conspiracies for world domination).

Through their role as money-lenders, one of the only roles available to Jews, who were forbidden by local and often canon law, to own land or to be farmers, the Jews took an important position in the city's economy. However, this brought serious problems. The chroniclers report that the Jews were criticised for their business practices: they were said to be so arrogant that they were unwilling to grant anyone else precedence, and those who dealt with them, could hardly come to an agreement with them. This supposed ruthlessness of the Jews did not, however, derive from any particular hard-heartedness, but was rather due to the huge levies and taxes that they were made to pay, mostly in exchange for protection. Formally, the Jews still belonged to the King's chamber, but he had long since ceded these rights to the city (the confirmation of the relevant rights of the city by Charles IV occurred in 1347). Strasbourg therefore took in the most part of the Jews' taxes, but in exchange had to take over their protection (the exact amount of the taxes was determined by written agreements). In order to satisfy the city's demands, the Jews therefore had to do business accordingly, but in doing so further increased the population's, and certainly the debtors', anti-Semitism.

With the threat of Black Death, there were also accusations of well poisoning, and some who now openly called for the burning of Jews.

So it was natives fault...

Sounds familiar

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Wikipedia is revised and edited by the Israelis and hordes of SJW bulllshit studies students, of course mostly women. So that made-up version isn't surprising.

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Made up version?

What's made up?

The usual bias in the overall tone aside (It's not jews fault!) I see no made up stuff

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Yep, that sounds like Snopes did a re-write.

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murdered cleansed

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their numbers are off. I heard it was 6 million burned that day.

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