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he has mine.

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We don’t owe terrorism support or sympathies. We owe our people an admirable movement that the silent majority of European peoples can feel unashamed of. It might feel righteous to write something like this until you are building that movement and institution in public.

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This is not terrorism. The word 'terrorist' is just like the word 'racist'; a catch-all argument stopper that is designed to condemn any action and dissuade all investigative curiosity.

This is a natural, healthy reaction to be expected in a racially and culturally unified people by any standard of measure. Right now, in Italy, the public support for this man is overwhelming, to the degree that the government is worried about him turning into a martyr. The Italian people are not being 'silently supportive' of this- they are being very loud. The Italian Government is directly facilitating the ethnic genocide of their own people, and happenings like this are truly threatening to that course of action.

It seems as though some White advocates and activists have the luxury of patience while rape, murder, robbery, acid attacks, and child sex enslavement are spreading by the day in Europe, America, Australia, and Canada. The only thing that I can imagine that affords such patience is that none of these atrocities has been their proximity; they've remained unaffected. To those White activists and advocates, I implore them to reflect on the statistical realities of the state of our nations, and recognize these atrocities are real and that the people that they affect are seething with emotions that the unaffected are not qualified to judge, which may lead them to take actions that, again, the unaffected are not allowed to judge.

Our lands have been invaded with the intent of genocide. This is cannot be recontextualized by any stretch of the imagination; it's not 'displacement' or 'replacement', it is a genocidal invasion.

You see, I have the privilege of actually being an Iraq War Combat Infantryman, so I have a more intimate understanding of what is happening than most. As such, I can tell you with sincerity that justified retaliation like this will happen again, and again, and again, until 1) our people are destroyed, or 2) White advocates come up with talking points that are a lot more creative than "we disavow terrorism".

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I support him and everyone else that does anything beside talking. Hopefully this is just the first of many more.

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You are fucking nuts.

You want to "preserve your whiteness" or live in an ethnostate fine. The bottom line is you want a safe and secure world to live your dreams and you take the aristotle view that that can only occur in a society that is homogenous enough to support "brotherly love". I get that.

But you are devolving to the level of animals with your sympathy for this violence. Sure it was retaliation for a sick murder. But this was random targeting and therefore NOT JUSTICE. Find the real ones guilty and give them the death penalty. If Italy doesn't have a death penalty then this guys time as a politician (he was a failed candidate) would be better served changing that. Surely the public would support a cold sentence for the guilty.

but fuck you, I will not sympathize with this level of animalism. Society is far from this kind of breakdown. We uphold the law and equality under it. If Nationalism of Western Society will have any merit, it will be to uphold the bedrock of civilization when every one else is losing their minds. We are better than that.

I'm half Italian and half German and am proud of my heritage.