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yeah when you value things like being tolerant and accepting of people different from you but have that slow dawning realization that they do not seem to reciprocate and just want you gone but you get nothing...yeah...that happens

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This is happening. It's getting "safe" enough for the soccer moms and those who value social acceptance over all else to voice opinions that support a White identity.

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I've noticed this too. Many, many red pills are being consumed by liberals in my social circles. (With the exception of the full-blown commies, as you pointed out.) The left continues to turn on itself, argue about stupid bullshit, and use Whites as punching bags.

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I'm curious to know what circles you're referring to so I can help redpill. I voted for Bernie in the primaries and now I realize that the bad guys won WWII. Facts and nature cut through the bullshit very quickly.

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I went from Libertarian >> Trump supporter >> Nazi in 6 months.

I feel like I know what we're fighting for now, there's security in that. I want a family.