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Trudeau actually told a minority they aren't welcome in Canada, not sure if that's a white pill or ZOG let a bug into the matrix clown world we live in.

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Huh... Well it's positive in the sense that the powers that be are scared enough that they throw us some (metaphorical) bones, much like Macron tried to do with his narratives.

However, both Macron and Trudeau are peices of shit.

But the fact those pieces of shit are trying to appeal to us is a sign of our power.

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Unsubbed. The comments in this subverse are cancer.

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What positive white pill news do ya'll have?

This sub is already dead.

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there are no positive news. Europe is caught in a downward spiral in every aspect. even the nordic paradises are in decline. we need a new ideology and a new war.

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good point. it is just as difficult now to do anything productive as it was yesterday. Except that today we may look to the sky and we may look to our beloved online communities and see that we have the chance to play the coolest game in existence. The battle to secure the existence of our race, and a future for our children.