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Why can't people submitt here ... and is Germany perverted https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2340732 ?

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Inserting lesbian and faggot relationships in these new shows is a stupid move. My wife and I both cringed. The degenerate agenda needs to end now. We're not watching any shit that puts the small minority of queers front and center over normal hetero relationships. I'm all for equality. Today, it's about female superiority and homosexuality being accepted, which is not real and is not acceptable. Stop fucking the public over, trying to brainwash us into accepting a lower quality of life. Just stop Hollywood, you assholes.

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Jewwywood always wanted to push garbage on us. They just had to take it slow to avoid destroying themselves. Now they feel free to go full Jew, and it's damn sad how many fucking idiots there still are out there who will eat this shit up like literally eating shit.