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So you're happy to see the rise of other would-be "superpowers" like China and India? People love to virtue signal against the evils of America, but just wait until third-world countries are handed the reins of power.

If demographic decline in the West continues - which it will, our countries and cultures will be destroyed. The UN estimates that by the end of the century, half of the world's population will be in Africa.

The only thing articles like these show is that no matter how good our military, political, and economic structures are, the rest of the world is soon to overwhelm us through population numbers alone.


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So you're happy to see the rise of other would-be "superpowers" like China and India? People love to virtue signal against the evils of America, but just wait until third-world countries are handed the reins of power.

Yes I am. Because you know what?

An external competitor FORCES the country to re-design itself for efficiency.

The Jews show consummate skill in manipulating public opinion and using it as an instrument in fighting for their own future.

The great leaders of Jewry are confident that the day is near at hand when the command given in the Old Testament will be carried out and the Jews will devour the other nations of the earth.

Among this great mass of denationalized countries which have become Jewish colonies one independent State could bring about the ruin of the whole structure at the last moment. The reason for doing this would be that Bolshevism as a world-system cannot continue to exist unless it encompasses the whole earth.

Should one State preserve its national strength and its national greatness the empire of the Jewish satrapy, like every other tyranny, would have to succumb to the force of the national idea.

As a result of his millennial experience in accommodating himself to surrounding circumstances, the Jew knows very well that he can undermine the existence of European nations by a process of racial bastardization, but that he could hardly do the same to a national Asiatic State like Japan. To-day he can ape the ways of the German and the Englishman, the American and the Frenchman, but he has no means of approach to the yellow Asiatic. Therefore he seeks to destroy the Japanese national State by using other national States as his instruments, so that he may rid himself of a dangerous opponent before he takes over supreme control of the last national State and transforms that control into a tyranny for the oppression of the defenceless.

He does not want to see a national Japanese State in existence when he founds his millennial empire of the future, and therefore he wants to destroy it before establishing his own dictatorship.

...he strives to break the Japanese national State by the power of existing similar structures, to finish off the dangerous opponent before the last State power is transformed in his hands into a despotism over defenseless beings.

He dreads a Japanese national State in his millennial Jew empire, and therefore wishes its destruction in advance of the founding of his own dictatorship.

Therefore, he is now inciting the nations against Japan, as against Germany, and it can happen that, while British statecraft still tries to build on the alliance with Japan, the British-Jewish press already demands struggle against the ally and prepares the destructive war under the proclamation of democracy and the battle cry: Down with Japanese militarism, and imperialism.

Thus in England to-day the Jew opposes the policy of the State. And for this reason the struggle against the Jewish world-danger will one day begin also in that country.

And here again the National Socialist Movement has a tremendous task before it.

It must open the eyes of our people in regard to foreign nations and it must continually remind them of the real enemy who menaces the world to-day. In place of preaching hatred against Aryans from whom we may be separated on almost every other ground but with whom the bond of kindred blood and the main features of a common civilization unite us, we must devote ourselves to arousing general indignation against the maleficent enemy of humanity and the real author of all our sufferings.

The National Socialist Movement must see to it that at least in our own country the mortal enemy is recognized and that the fight against him may be a beacon light pointing to a new and better period for other nations as well as showing the way of salvation for Aryan humanity in the struggle for its existence.

So yes.

A new national class in China, Japan, or India would be an objectively good thing provided it can be national rather than Jewish-controlled.

The earth could literally be invaded by Aliens and ruled over by Aliens and that would still be better than a Jewish controlled plutocracy.

Literally ANYTHING powerful that is non-jewish controlled is desirable.


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I think you're forgetting that our goal is focused on preserving Western culture, values, and people, not destroying the Jews. For example, if China is able to defy the Jews and "preserve its national strength and its national greatness", but America and Europe are subverted by Jews and overrun by Africans, we're still fucked. In the end, we must do whatever increases our chances of surviving and thriving as a people, not do whatever is most damaging to the Jews (although curbing their power is obviously helpful in achieving our end goal).

Your point about competition forcing America to "re-design itself" is also wrong. America today is already far too fractured along demographic/racial lines. Here's what will happen: Let's say China or India overtakes us - the response will be "Racist rednecks are upset that a non-white country is more powerful," and "It's about time someone stood up to American imperialism," and "You see? American exceptionalism is a myth." Make no mistake, rising countries in Asia and Africa are threats, not allies. They are not as hateful or as devious as the Jews in subverting our countries, but they would be happy to see our cultures destroyed.

For the past hundred years, America has been a symbol of the incredible accomplishments of the Western world. You say that our decline is good because America is controlled by Jews. Unfortunately, it is not Jewish influence that is declining, but rather that symbol of American exceptionalism.


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I fixed it.


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Praise be. Piss be upon the moHammedans.