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2017: Regrets winning the war and giving negroes equality.

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What year is it where you live? :)

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6 days into a new year is hardly a time for a top 100 philosophies of current year

For all i know you all might give up and start handing over reparations voluntarily in which case 2018 would be different.

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Those were some smart mother fuckers.

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As you were.

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Make shill black identitarian accounts and blackpill over ww2;

Bitch about how "it wasn't even worth it because we were racist anyway"

Watch the Jewish overlords freak out

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i will never understand how people confuse loose with lose....its this a UK thing? does europe spell it differently?

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People play fast and lose with their spelling because they have nothing to loose.

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its this a UK thing? does europe spell it differently?

Uh, I'm pretty sure OP is just retarded. Americans use the English language only because they can't choose to just communicate in nigger-speak or grunts. Disgusting hatred of our own language and culture likely fostered by idiotic teachers in a worthless education system, but the blame ultimately lies with the stubborn speaker. Just look at how triggered some people get when you correct their grammar.

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i hate grammar nazis, i consider them around the level of bronys.

but how do you fuck up lose and loose?