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Somebody put in some real work there. Nice job

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Thank you sir! Being presentable is important in all aspects. Shoddy workmanship isn't associated with whites for a reason.

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Maybe white people could start saying things like "Fellow Jews, we should make peace with palestine and give them back their land".

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Every. Fucking. Time.

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Those blue checkmarks sure do mean they're verified.

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I always thought this is the result of having no real problems to upset your life.

Think of Tom Cruise, A list actor for generations, (functionally) handsome, in great shape, making millions, sleeps with beautiful women (or men)- life seems great. That puts him in a strange existential place where 'there must be more to life than this' so he enrolls in a goofy cult that gives him the wackiest Zeno problem to concern himself with

That brings us to the American Jew, particularly the female Jew. By virtue of birth they are born into one of the more carefree existences anyone in history can have. Their race controls finance, media, government, corporations, everything you can name. More than likely they are born into a wealthy family which allows them the greatest education this country can give. Because of Jew tampering in the media they are seen as more attractive (to most) than most women.

They have few problems in life. Like Tom Cruise, they have to make up some problems, which is why they cling to such a nonissue like Black Lives Matter (unless it's another black man that is more likely to shoot and kill, sell drugs, attack, gang rape, etc). They can't see outside themselves so they grow more and more upset when everyone else ignores they Jewy wailing for the world to change even when they were born into the top of the pile that is Jews in America

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I think jews are the only ones to ever use the term "fellow white people". There's something wrong with them socially, although I'm not sure how describe it well. Smarmy is the best I can come up with. It must come from all that inbreeding.

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It's clear that Jews have a far different identity from Europeans and they frequently deceive us into thinking they are just like us, all while maintaining their separateness in private. They belong in their own country, which fortunately they now have.

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Ah, I love documenting every instance of these. I reckon it's one of the most powerful red pills you can show someone skeptic of how subversive Jews are.

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