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"Kathleen Kennedy founded the group in 2012 when she succeeded George Lucas as president of Lucasfilm, putting Kiri Hart, a former film and TV writer, in charge of the unit. Ms. Hart’s first move was to make the story group entirely female, starting with Rayne Roberts and Carrie Beck" How is this acceptable?? Such a fucking double standard, I dont really give a shit about star wars but if at any company a new CEO or whatever came in and fired all the women they would have lawsuits up their ass.

EDIT ugh, just googled Kiri Hart. Do yourself a favor and dont.

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Don't worry mate generation Z is going to burn these hags at the stake. They ruined Star Wars.

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EDIT ugh, just googled Kiri Hart. Do yourself a favor and dont.

ooga booga

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Ouch. I googled Kiri Hart. Did you read Siege? Race mixers are not acceptable!

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Even more promising, in “Rogue One” (2016) nonwhite characters accounted for 44.7 percent of all dialogue, a marked increase from zero in the 1977 original.

Apparently aliens are white...? Who knew.

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Not me. Real men don't watch Ewokfests like Star Wars.

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And yet you know what an Ewok is.

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A movie can be great whether or not the cast is mostly white males or not as long as the focus is on a quality story and they hire the best talent they can get. But it doesn't sound like this is their priority. I hope people vote with their wallets and stop seeing the films as long as they continue to make (((diversity))) rather than telling an inspiring story their focus.