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https://archive.fo/YzYSr for the full story. Austria also rejects EU refugee sharing dictate from the EU.

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when other countries see the effect it has, they may jump ship also.

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Thanks for mentioning that. There might be ramifications. Some of the European countries, and certainly some of the so called 'humanitarian agencies' ferrying the migrants across the Mediterranean, claim that it is too dangerous to send the migrants back either to Libya, where they embarked, or to their own countries.

If this is the case, those European countries that accepted the migrants might have to admit all the others currently in other European nations.

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This is a really great first step. It might be enough to ensure stability for the near future.

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Whitepill of the day award

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But now how are the European women going to fulfill their rape fantasies?

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They still have the betas.

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Move to Sweden?

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The irony:

Those hordes of [rape]engineers aren't that interested in Austria anyway, they want Sweden or Germany. Gibsforagers are highly mobile in an environment where they simply can use trains and buses for free.

Byebye Mr. Kurz, hellooou Angie!

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Isn't it amazing that a country like Austria is taking such steps? Maybe Germany has hope still. Maybe Sweden has hope still.

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They aren't.fucking around, getting right down to business over there! Viva Austria

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Now if only Sebastian could replace Juncker and Europe would be just fine. One could hope... Edit: And (Schulz)

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