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Sedentarians btfo

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People that sit on their lazy asses all day, only leave their homes to get shit microwave food absolutely disgust me. When I see guys with huge bellies talking about nothing else than their shitty TV shows and sports games I feel sadness inside. Such a waste.

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Seeing married white couples with kids grow fat also saddens me. They are doing so much right, but neglecting their bodies with often a valid excuse that having a young family is extremely exhausting. I understand how hard it is to find time for exercise and eating well when working full time and having a young family, but whites must strive for fitness at all stages of life if we want to be a eugenic race. Growing up with both a mom and dad who are examples of excellent fitness is a huge advantage and kickstart in life. We have to do better to promote health among whites from all walks of life.

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One of the few things I'll consider getting tattooed on me is this quote.

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Tattoos are shit, dumb people get tattoos. If you want to show your strength, be strong, it's evident by your body and no amount of ink can replace that. We are what we do.

Tattoos are against God's will. Now go do 100 inclined (feet upward) push ups, squats and situps.

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Nah, today's back day. Also my body my choice, Reeeeeee

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I'm pretty sure the Leviticus verse on tattoos is in the context of tattooing one's body in grief over the dead. I mean yeah they're pointless, expensive, and damage your chances of getting a job, but I don't think tattoos by themselves are against God's will. Unless there's another verse I'm not accounting for?

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i would not, if you like it get it framed in a picture or put it on a shirt/hat.

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Socrates is eaasily the most based historical person, he literally allowed to be killed just to prove his points.