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Look man, I agree with you about what would be nice for this subverse. I think we should emphasize positive things like lifting, real world Generation Identity / Identity Evropa activism, and anything that addresses how an individual can spiritually fight this fight. I like threads that are centered around a question for discussion, a self post as it would be called on Reddit, and I can write paragraphs and share my thoughts. I agree that we've already pretty much established what we're up against and it would be nice to elevate things beyond circlejerking around memes about how fucked up things are.

You should not ban people for racial epithets though. Based on the controversies I've observed and the fact that you've been getting downvoated everywhere, I think that's what has been happening (correct me if I'm wrong). I agree that they can come across as ugly and angry and could be off-putting to alt liters who are looking to see what we're really about. Be careful censoring this subverse or putting in place controversial policies because stickied posts that are heavily downvoated, disliked mods, and drama are more counterproductive and off-putting than people saying mean words. I know we want something more out of discussing here but there's inevitably going to be a mix of both. We shouldn't worry about scaring away the alt lite, I'm sure many of us were red pilled by /pol/ and initially physically flinched at every swastika and slur but we managed to figure it out.

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If you want to join the rest of us who said nope to the mod in here we are all posting on v/identitarians

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Thanks for letting me know about it!

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By becoming more mainstream, you risk alienating the core type of individual that is usually attracted to these kinds of movements: mostly disaffected outcasts, loners, hermits, etc. While it is better for PR, you're literally removing ~75% of the base.

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Unfortunately, there aren't enough of those types of people to win elections, and identitarianism is about real change. If we can't grow our base many orders of magnitude without sacrificing our core tenets then we will never change policy. Racial epithets are not a part of identitarianism, let alone a core tenet and they instantly turn away pretty much everyone but the most edgy edgelord (ie: that 75%). So I don't understand the persistence of trying cater to people that are adamant about preventing the widespread adoption of our ideas.

The lack of new posts is a problem tho.

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Win elections? WIN ELECTIONS? Do you think that if our best Hitler-pilled goys wins elections that we'll be able to come even close to beat the Jewish empire? If we start winning elections and get more successful at playing the Jews own game, they're going to start cheating, and they'll just selectively cause more wears to subdue us. I can't say for certain that a rapidly starting world war 3 wouldn't end up serving us more so than them, but everyone would do well to read Siege. Thinking of the bigger goal as "winning elections" is very naive. The system in place must be utterly smashed and obliterated.

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Damn, it's been months since I last visited this sub and now it's kiked and dead.

Good riddance.

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Yup. Everyone is on v/identitarians now.

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This subverse is now under Jewish occupation it looks like.

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Subverse? Don't you mean subversive?

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That's why all of us moved to v/identitarians.

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Doesn't this prospect appear a bit subversive and limiting to the unfiltered idea sharing of the identitarian community? The Overton Window must be forced to shift further in a lot of public spaces to be sure, but this is not a place that should shy away from a great deal of pure open honesty. I mean you state that you want to avoid white nationalism? What in the hell is wrong with white nationalism? And the denigrating of races? Mother nature if anyone is the racist that made the races on unequal footing and race realism just so happens to be a very important part of our reality and if we start stepping on eggshells around here, we're not gonna be more respected and successful. We're gonna end up weaker. Haven't you learned anything from the way that the J-left attacks Trump no matter what? As for the Hitler barrier, I understand a lot of people find that a huge controversy even in a place like this, but that also makes it very relevant and should be part of the public platform. In essence, I would consider this thread anti-free speech, and if it serves the favor of any group or any master, especially any ethnic group, I'd say that by default it is pro Jewish ethno-supremacist. That, gentlemen, will not do.

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Dude, you argue very well and obviously know your shit. If you haven't subbed to the new v/identitarians you should.

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Wow thanks. I hope you are right, because if I argue well then I will be able to convince people Logan is a shitty movie that you should hate, and that it's pro-white genocide, in the 40-minute movie review I'm making! Identitarians? Didn't know it existed. Is it like Identitarian?

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Is this sub dead?

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Yes. Everyone moved to v/identitarians.

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What a fag. The power of places like voat and the chans is in the freedom of experession and thought; Even if these are outrageous for the mainstream society. Voat was never meant to be a public face for any movements, ideas or philosophies, but a place to come up with pure ideas, unadulterated by current social norms.

It seems like you kikes have finally killed this sub, so good bye.

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Join the rest of us in v/identitarians!

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Thanks friend, I'll take a look around.

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Blow me, faggot.

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Agreed. This guy is a faggot. You should sub to v/identitarians.

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