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White babies are the best babies.

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I give this post a 14/88

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Great post I think someone needs to sticky it

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We really need to replace white with "our" when speaking with normies. They will generally agree with that statement in a much more positive manner.

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The problem is that normies consider non whites just as much a part of white nations as whites, not mentioning the race defies the whole point.

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I'm seeing normies on The_Donald become increasingly receptive to basic pro-whiteness. The IOTBW thing was great for that. They'll talk about white genocide and stuff. 14 words is a little harder to get them to embrace because they're associated with "white supremacy" and are therefore doubleplusungood. But it's also a totally unobjectionable sentence, and once you say "hey wait a minute I agree with this but I'm totally not allowed to?" it's a complete consciousness shift and you can never go back. So there's no need for a watered down alt lite version, just let them make their way over to it.

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The 14 words are the original IOTBW. Completely unobjectionable while being totally radical.

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True, the 14 words work as they are. What's needed is a paradigm shift in the minds of whites by repeatedly provoking the mainstream culture to show it's anti-white agenda with things like IOTBW. The anti-white racism is already literally everywhere, it just needs to be made visible by introducing innocent but haram concepts.

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Next thing you know you'll be translating Hitler speeches and realize he wasn't screaming "Kill all Jews!!!!!"

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14 Forever!!!