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Please, start killing guys. Please

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Seriously. The Jews must go.

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Dude you can't stop with them all non nationalists get the gas.

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I'm fully prepped for atleast a year. Thats if all of my gardens fail. My talents are better used elsewhere. Unless i get terminal cancer, then its on.

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Just watch the Brits politics. Their talking heads all keep saying "if" brexit goes through, all the mp's are voting against the negotiations, and PM May is intentionally sabotaging it. A "no" vote doesn't mean no to a liberal.

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I remember the proposition to legalize gay marriage in California failed and they just...did it anyway.

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This is eye-opening. These get buried as isolated incidents but when you see the pattern emerge it's powerful.

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Europeans are pretty aware, even the blue pilled people don't like the EU. Hence why people keep voting no to stuff. That chart is not even complete.

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Democracy is a complete farce and a failed form of government.

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Those who scream the loudest about democracy are oligarchs with no legitimate claim to power.

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Whites make the ground fertile did this sort of thing by constantly reinforcing virtue signaling and diversity hiring non whites into positions of power

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