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Welfare parasites make your society richer.

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it's basic economics

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Taxes are collected from the working class and given to the non-workers so they can be spent on property and rent owned by the wealthy tax evaders. Wait did OP say "society", he must haven't meant the wealthiest 0.01%

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I know that the migrants could be good for us, but... I just can't justify taking away those economic benefits from the host countries.

It's stealing. Only a monster would STEAL all these wonderful people from their poor oppressed home.

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I read where Europeans are being asked to limit having children on one hand while saying they need muslims to help keep European population up with the other. Sounds duplicitous to me.

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Thought AI was going to take all the jobs....

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I am personally hoping AI replaces politicians real soon. Then maybe lawyers.

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All those old European faggots are going to have a very interesting retirement.

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Something like this is completely unsustainable. This will only end in catastrophe.

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The Muslims will be too much of a burden and collapse the UK, they have no idea the trouble they are in.

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They're no different then niggers. They have no concept they'e being used for destruction and will milk something until it is completely fucking destroyed with no attempts to slow things down and conserve it.

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...funnily enough, this statement also works if you read it as being about boomers.

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These people are basically incapable of not lying.

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