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I don't trust a jew to understand solidarity that other peoples and cultures have. The Jew is a wanderer and any sense of having soil for your own kind is frightening to them. They can never understand it so they seek to destroy it.

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And whatever soil they claim that they own or as theirs is always land they have stolen. It was the case many centuries ago and it is still the case today.

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many centuries

5 millennia, if their ancient histories are to be believed. And I'm not sure I do.

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Ironically, this is how Sarah Silverman spent her summer vacation. They pledge allegiance to another nation's flag, believe another nation's soil is their true home, and believe that they are god's "chosen people."

Jews believe in a nation, and that nation is Is Israel.

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they know that no one will let them keep soil of their own. and on the flip side they believe all the soil is inherently theirs and they idea of a lesser being obstructing their travels is enraging to them. hard to say which one came first.

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hard to say which one came first.

I'm not concerned about that. I'm concerned about how this will all end, if you catch my drift.

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What about sailors? They're kinda like wanderers.

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But they work.

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I like how they say "it's just a different culture" to defend atrocious acts of oppression and degeneracy committed by other ethnic groups, but wave the flag of your country and suddenly that kind of tolerance is not afforded to us.

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This shit fills me with hate. This "blind allegiance" meme is one of the most aggravating things jews and leftists say. What the fuck do you mean "blind allegiance"? Do I have a deplorable "blind allegiance" to my mother too? Do I need to consult an (((expert))) before I decide I love my country?

I'm glad it's so out in the open anyway. It's great that Trump tells it like it is, but the really good thing about his presidency is that leftists are starting to tell us how they really feel. 2018 Senate races will be one thing, but 2020 is going to be heated and ugly. Can't wait!

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SHE'S GOT A FUCKING COUNTRY. Get that bitch to israel and she can hoist all the flagpoles there up her ass if she wants.

Jews are not and never will be loyal to any country but their own.

End dual citizenship, including Israel's right of return. I am sick of a handful of idiot jews holding everybody else hostage. We're all still traumatized over that, why the fuck don't the jews have to pay for that one?


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Everything this miserable kike cunt says reminds me of this awesome black rifle commercial: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=JIiFeZ7r6aU

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How casualy they cry nazi and play the victim, i realy long for the day this blight on humanity is finaly eradicated.

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She’s right about one thing... she should be scared.

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Go live in Israel you cunt.

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"Dude, nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews."


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