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I've been redpilling my family and I'm not allowed to come up for christmas. Must be working.

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I wouldn't let a black kid come to my Christmas, either.

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I was talking to my partner the other day and I dropped a few 'redpills' but I thought I was just saying what I thought in conversation. Interesting reaction, frowns, avoided eye contact and when asked about it said they felt like I was attacking them.

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"Partner" "they"... are you gay or just obfuscating your gender for some reason?

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It's not a bad habit to obfuscate your info, and even to drop a few lies when talking about personal anecdotes. Especially if you live in a non free speech country.

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The latter. Not gay :)

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See, you've got to frame it as venting your frustrations. I start it with how no one knows about their past culture, how we've forgotten from where we came. Then transition into what each individual quirks cultures had. How they developed to reflect those around them.

Redpill on normie friendly subjects like history and culture. Who doesn't love circlejerking about how great their heritage is, and how everyone fucking hated the Irish.

Every culture that originally moved to the U.S. stuck together with their own countrymen. Like at the Chinese in china town. NAIL THAT POINT HOME.

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Their conditioning is too make them have a immediate reaction to wrongthink. They have no idea the literal physical, emotional, mental detox they would have to go through to be free.

Much like hard drugs and alcohol vast majority will stick with the addiction rather then face reality sober.

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It was confusing at first then once they said they felt I'd attacked them I realised after thinking things through that they felt threatened, at the time I unfortunately reacted with a bit of irritation. I'm trying to work more things in to normal conversation and not too many of them at once so they don't feel overwhelmed.

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Ask about why there are so many blacks on TV. 13% of the population ...

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Great job. I've been slowly introducing the JQ at work (pretty safe, zero SJW's) and it's working out quite nicely. One coworker even prints platinum anti semitic memage and leaves them for me in my desk drawer. It's awesome they're noticing all the (((coincidences))) without me having to even point them out for them anymore.

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Great to hear.

It starts with the people closest to us. My family is conservative and Christian, so I had to tackle it from that angle; that the Jews are NOT God's chosen people. Then you have to cite scripture that supports your argument against the Jews and racemixing/white genocide. This website was extremely helpful:



Also, Steven Anderson's film - Marching to Zion - was helpful.

Once that hurdle is cleared, you can show what the Jews have done for the past 1750 years, particularly this last century. You can expose what they really are: messianic, Moloch and number worshiping, child sacrificing, parasitic vampires. If I had to choose one documentary to do that, it'd probably be "Europa - The Last Battle".

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Awesome thread! Keep handing out the good medication!

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Been redpilling my family also, at first they stayed silent then they started to add to what I was saying. Now they pretty much agree. They've bought 3 new Guns and are starting to get Prepping/Survival Supplies.

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