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That's what Jews do to you when you lose a war against them.

Keep that in mind, should we win the next war and they lose it.

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That gave me chills. This shit is visceral. It's survival.

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Kalegri plan, total global white extermination. When someone tries to tell you otherwise and asks you why you do what you do, this is why.

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I am predicting they will push for 6 gorrilion muslim migrants and then start saying their existence is being threaten by far right fascist evil white men. Start pushing that 6 million muslim souls are in danger in Europe. Urge nations to take actions. Start robbing Europe blind and then if someone tries to defend himself, accuse him of the next Hitler that killed 6 million kikes.

You know, just like WW2.

And all of the sudden... Boom! They have the army they wanted.

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which crusade will this make?

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Vait do you see no horse on bottom.

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"Deutsch" literally means being part of an ethnos or tribe.

It is hilarious to see how ignorant these people are of european history.

When the Germans finally snap it will be glorious to behold.

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...until one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit outta everybody.

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Germany is a people, not a place, Germany is in the heart of every ethnic German. Most white people in the U.S. have some German blood. A lot of English people were German first. Germany does not have dark skin,eyes,or hair, and she would never cover that beautiful blonde hair with a shitskin towel.

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When true germans wake up, it'll be too late. Their whole country will be brown and rotting.

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Wrong. This is a cycle for Germany. See: Weimar, Sturm and Drang.

They get REALLY gay and obsessed with emotions every few generations.

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Agreed. But now they are dealing with Jews up top and Muzzies on the bottom. Not saying it's impossible for them to pull themselves out of this mess, but they have their work cut out for them.

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(((Islamic studies)))

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Say goodbye to your health-care, food supply, transportation, buildings, KFC, Internet, high-tech entertainment, ATM, fresh water, sanitation system. Say hello to mud huts, dirt roads, war, drugs, rapes... Yea. . It's going to be a blast!

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oh no youll keep your KFC, youd be fucking surprised how much of the infidels tastes and preferences are compatible with islam when it suits them. Its almost as if they... are like black people. Except black people shoot things up and loot where as arabs explode and throw gays off rooves, but theyre still quite happy with nandos, mcdonalds, burger king, every single fucking western retail outlet you can think of appears in every middle eastern nation somewhere

so while we are all sitting here spinning, all those same 'proud american/english' companies are low down loving the business theyre doing with the rich end of the arabs.

And those cunts spend more than you do thanks to big oil.

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Semites calling for the genocide of Germans. Oh my how the tables have turned.

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