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Going exactly to (((plan))).

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The politicians should all be faced with being physically raped repeatedly by migrants because this is what they're forcing on their own citizens.

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I would like to put them in a cell with 2-3 male diversity units they let in. I'll tell the invaders that if their cell mates die, they die. If they need motivation and inspiration, I'll tell them they need to do what they do best (rape) if they want to eat. When the subject complains about it, I'll tell them, "Stop being racist. You're a racist."

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Female, liberal led "democracy" at work.

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Women cannot take care of themselves.

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When women get everything they want, they will end up with everything they don't want.

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So a migrant rape is a death penalty for the victim basically


OUT OF CONTROL: 43% of All Rapes in Sweden Are Committed Against Children

92% of 'severe' sexual assaults committed by migrants


At this point it's authorities duty to shoot the fucking mudshits on sight, for sanitary reasons

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Holy fuck almost half of assaults are committed against kids? That blows my mind.

The survival instinct to protect your children is the most powerful instinct on the planet yet somehow it’s been completely overrun in Europe. This shit is just so sad.

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Jews subvert everything.

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Pretty sure only people actually digging for ethno related issues are aware of it/capable to acknowledge it

If presented to sjw, cucks, or libeals, first reaction would be disbelief followed by some "if it were true I would have heard of it, so it must be false... And it's probably racist... I'd better run away before the nazis get me"

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Diversity is our strength.

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That's truly sickening.

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I remember a /pol/ post stating that is was why they kept them in camps at first, a planned action (to have their diseases spread faster) and then unleash their dirty goat-fucking dicks on the general populace. I think it was a get-richer-quick scheme to be able to have the government's pay for everyone's STD medicine....sounds like it's going as planned.

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Peter Sweden is the walking dead.

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If you fuck a goatfucker, you deserve this

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