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Remove kebab when?

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Turn a negative in to a positive people!!

It's a good thing that these "girls" are FREE...because that means they're out on the street....not locked up....

Let that sink in....THEY'RE OUT ON THE STREET,,,,where true justice can be administered...

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Where true justice can be administered

I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, I'm more inclined to believe these people love their diversity, and are willing to tolerate anything.

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2011 and 2012... Nice timing

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Ever notice the royal family won't ever say a word regarding the islamic issue? I guess if you admit there is a problem, you would be expected to fix it. The whole country has brought this upon themselves. Fuck them all. Let them reap what they have sown.

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Isn't one of them about to marry a brown?

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Tbh I really don't know. I just did a quick search, it only said she was born in california. Nothing about her heritage.

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One could almost conclude that this behavior is intended to provoke a violent reaction / uprising.

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On whose part? As far as the moslems go, their disgust and revulsion at the brits is easily understandable. No one like pathetic weakness. They're just acting on it. "We attack, rape, and kill you, and you do nothing..."

Really, same goes for blacks in the US, if you've seen the incredibly disparate statistics. Violent mobs of "youths" have locked down parts of Baltimore, with not much being done about it. Because "youths". What disincentive do they have to stop?

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locked down parts of Baltimore

There's nothing inaccurate about your statement. It seems to understate the problem a bit.

Source: Stationed at Ft. Meade for 3 years.

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I cant even

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Britain is Sharia now.

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Good thing my ancestors were sent to Australia. Good thing our fame of being 'inhospitable' keeps the refugee count down some what. Bring back White Australia!