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Affirmative action in full view, people with no talent win awards and are told they are talented. They are told this by people with no talent. When white people finally see this and stop buying into it, this will change. You can’t build a rocket that can land on the moon with affirmative action. You can only build failure.

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I am going to take that quote with me for the rest of my days.

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Just remember that each and everyone of them were forced to do the nasty with Jews.

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Yes. At this point we must assume everyone on TV and in music likes the taste of jew cum

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Donald Glover drank Aks Body Spray to get famous.

Like a can and a half.

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The blacks? I doubt it.

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Blacks are crypto homos with all of that pant sagging. Those three definitely get sodomized by the Heeb cock, and they most likely enjoy it as well.

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Jay-Z's DSL's got him far.

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"Music", or (((music))), whichever you prefer.

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Trump winning is making (((them))) double down.

Poor saps are playing with second millenium rules. Wake the white lion further, please.

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No talent in best album either!

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Remember when music used to be art?

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Hooktube me some tasty licks.

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I wasn't going to watch anyway.

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So it's all black and no hispanics, asians, native americans, pacific islanders, etc. And that's diversity? Pretty much exposed themselves there. They don't care about being diverse, they want to pat their pets on the head and themselves on the shoulder

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