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The use of racial epithets and other self-indulgent extremist actions isolates those of us who want to advance our people into ideological ghettos.

If they can be so easily turned away by mean words then are they really worth being a strong ally?


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It takes time to deprogram people. A good portion of Gen Z have grown up bearing the brunt of the bullshit and the anti-white agenda.

Millennials are spoiled and caught the brain washing head on without noticing it and both parents working to pay the bills and give the spoiled little assholes everything they wanted.


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Its weird people keep saying things like this. Many millennials including myself bore much of the brunt of the anti-white, anti-male agenda, and created many of the discussion forums you frequent and appreciate. v/Identitarian was made by millennials and is majority that demo.

Also, the most insanely sjw people I've ever seen have been Gen Z girls


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Yes. This is a psychological battle. It's about social acceptability and being part of the herd. That's where the overwhelming majority are comfortable. They only move in one direction if enough other people are moving as well. The way to get new ideas out there is to act, and be, normal and make our ideas seem mainstream. Radically mainstream is the way forward.

Looking like unhinged, undisciplined degenerates online only boxes ourselves into a corner. It's more than possible to discuss controversial ideas in a civilized and presentable manner.


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How about just downvote them


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Setting up a counter-culture would be much better, IMO. Going into the mainstream risks watering down ideas and making compromises, or attracting status seekers.


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Policing people's language is the best way to kill this sub (which I'm sure is your intent). Here's me "choosing my words wisely": fuck you, kike.


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How about unbanning the people that this sticky relates to so that they can have their say?

Edit: @Red0c5



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Hi there nigger. Your censorship is unappreciated. Censorship kills subs over on reddit wtf do you think it will do here? v/identitarian will fade and another will rise because you think banning people is the appropriate choice. Prepare to be proven wrong.

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Everyone is also most welcome over at /v/emergencynation

We are not a whites only movement, but we do support freedom of speech and our constitution does protect the right to discriminate and to set up whites only spaces.

We don't care about public opinion or seek reform - our demands for freedom are ultimate and will be met one way or the other outside existing power structures.


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This is truly pathetic.


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Then let's argue for higher discourse, as you are now, instead of banning people who choose not to.

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