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Fuck man this is some American Horror Story level shit.


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Let me guess how it happened:

The so called exorcist needs to capture the demon, but for that, he needs to go through her vagina, since the demon is obviously hidden in her uterus, stomach, or some shit

He goes full in, like everybody's watching lol, and then he's like "I got ! Got it !!" and he pulls he pulls and then VHRLAAAAAAAA he pulls everything inside out like a fucking socket haha



How did they manage to pull this one ?


Holy shit it's just that:

"The women believed that Dlamini was possessed by a demon and decided to disembowel her through her private parts to take out the demon code “44666” they believed was in her intestines.

They removed 8.8m of her bowel and her spleen through her vagina.

Dlamini died as a result of blood loss owing to the evisceration, or disembowelling, of her abdomino-pelvic viscera, as well as possible smothering.

Judge Philip Nkosi showed no mercy, directing his words at the four accused, whose heads were held low.

“She was forced to lie down on her abdomen and pinned face-down on the floor while her intestines and other vital organs were pulled out through her vagina.

“The horrific exorcism was performed under the pretext that you were removing a secret code of a demon from her abdomen. The evidence shows that all of you acted in common purpose to kill.”

In mitigation of sentence, pyshco-social reports from social workers were presented.

The reports stated that all four were first-time offenders in good physical and mental health. Other circumstances of their family life were also set out. They all attended the same church and were “devout Christians”.

Faku, who has a qualification in electrical engineering, cares for her extended family. She had to leave her job because she could not handle the pressure from her colleagues and the public after the killing.

Jalubane used to teach adult basic education and had registered for a degree in education with Unisa, but had to leave her job because she couldn’t concentrate, and sold live fowl to make a living.

Nokubonga Jalubane is studying towards a management diploma at Walter Sisulu University in the Eastern Cape, while Minenhle, is studying for a degree in education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

“The crime is horrendously serious. You killed an innocent child. The attack was sustained, brutal and cruel.

“Her organs were eviscerated through her vagina and anus while she was still alive. Although it was accused one (Faku) who performed the evisceration, she wouldn’t have succeeded if she wasn’t aided and abetted by all of you.

“This death was not an accident. You could have foreseen that death would happen. You were the instruments of evil driven by your desire to undertake an exorcism of a demon. You know what is practised in church in exorcisms, but you chose a bizarre method that would result in her death.

“In my view, you acted in full realisation that you would endanger a human life, and you succeeded.”

Nkosi said that Faku and Jalubane were in loco parentis to Dlamini, and in terms of African culture they were the elder representatives in the absence of Dlamini’s father.

“Both of you were therefore in a position of trust, which you abused… The deceased’s life was snuffed (out) at a time it was starting to blossom. She was showing good prospects of going far in life with the help of her father.

“She was in Grade 9 at Ganges High School in Merebank and wanted to be a doctor when she finished her studies.

“Her death was sudden and left her family with deep wounds which will be difficult to heal.”

Nkosi said a lighter sentence of correctional supervision would have been acceptable only if the offenders had accepted they were guilty and deserved to be punished. But the accused had maintained their innocence throughout."



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I'm not that religious but I think God made the nigger closer to beast than man. There's no sin in killing an animal.


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Demons are real, but this is utterly absurd!


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Kaffirs pray to demons. They don't practice Christianity. They think that by claiming they are Christian it justifies their kaffir demonic behaviour. They lie all the time.


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History has vindicated Rhodesia and the Apartheid regime.