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The trailer for this show looked really good. I downloaded the first episode and lasted about 5 minutes.

When they walked into the bar and the woman said "Those blacks are engineering students", I told Mrs. Prime "Okay, we're done here".



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Oh it definitely has plenty of that. That chick is especially useless the story, but in a hilariously unintended way. The strong feminist that's only there to challenge male wrong think, while being the only sex object for the show.

But it's because of this garbage that made me like it. I don't think the writers realize the red pill they've created here. It practically shoves the connection between the rise of Feminism and the beginning of serial killers.

Most serial killers were raised by man hating, belittling mothers. Their dating life was filled with man hating feminists. Their careers were filled with diversity hires. They say criminals are the effect of what's wrong with society, yet don't acknowledge what's truly wrong and what's recently changed. Serial killers were the direct response to all this leftist garbage.