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Meanwhile Saudi Arabia twiddles its thumbs behind the HRC desk.


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It's fucking insane

It's subverted beyond belief

I mean the UN evidently, with saudis at the HRC as you pointed out, but not only

The US gov is merely a glove for a corporate iron fucking fist, only a moron can't see it

And the western european states, pff, take france, macron stated that france's sovereignty is in the EU.... Like why not on mars while we're at it, and germany officially declared anti zionism is anti semitism, the ultimate slippery slope, and of course immigration to infinity from fucking muslim countries and africa, no problem with that, noooo, what could possibly go wrong ?


It's clear that now governments are pretty much all sock puppets, at least to me



1:25 [Philippe de Villiers, a former secretary of state, former MEP, author of “The time has come to say what I saw” Éditions Albin Michel]

11:29 The man became … the bearded lady, etc., yes,

11:32 UN also, etc. And then they talk

11:36 about the need for preparing public opinion

11:40 for what would be called Trans-Oceania.

11:44 So I realized later that it was the famous Transatlantic Treaty,

11:50 which will make Europe an appendix market to the US market,

11:54 with the end of borders and customs,

11:58 The end of the controlled labels; and the Arbitral Tribunal

12:01 which they talked about on that day, as of 2007!

12:04 An Arbitral Tribunal allowing large non-national companies

12:10 to sue countries, to claim reparations, meaning

12:15 a private Arbitral Tribunal, above all public powers.

12:20 And that’s what’s being put in place. Who’s talking about it?!

12:24 So therefore there … then, there is the Bilderberger Group, born earlier,

12:29 in fact in 1964, and is a kind of vanguard,

12:35 where they are fewer, but equally offensive.

12:41 And then there is one thing that surprised me: one day I learn that Francois Fillon [PM 2007-2012],

12:47 French Prime Minister, and Alain Juppé, one year later, were approved

12:51 by the Bilderberg group. And when I asked Fillon: “How can you go to something like that?”

12:55 He said: “What do you want? They are the ones who govern us!”

13:00 Francois Fillon told you that? — Yes. The nice Fillon.

13:05 So yes, voilà! All right! Later I found out, in fact the European Parliament, much later —

13:12 because I’ve never been into this conspiracy stuff etc. —

13:18 and in fact, on the internet you have everything on Bilderberg, the Trilateral;

13:24 therefore, I say, they’re not conspiring: they have the power!

13:28 Voilà! And so you have the national political class

13:31 And above it, the invisible super-class,

13:35 whom the national political class obeys. Voilà.


After that I believe the term "Libertarian capitalism" is badly translated, it's rather "Liberal capitalism"

13:56 Libertarian capitalism. And actually libertarian capitalism

14:03 prefers homosexuals over heterosexuals —


Libertarians aren't exactly homo fans and not very popular in the power structure, due to their limited gov and free market ideas which aren't handy to maintain a captured society/economy


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The first governor of British Columbia was a classified "free coloured" man named James Douglas. In 1858. Before that he was appointed governor of the Colony of Vancouver Island. He came to Canada from Guyana. He invited American blacks to cpme up and settle the land and offered them land grants to take up ranching. Most of them dodn't stay and went back to US because the the US was so awful and racist?

The United Nations must be taken down. I hope I have the opportunity to beat up at least one UN money sucker in my life.


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The asshole trudick will take a knee and suck what ever nigger they put in front of zim. Asshole needs to go next election and take his merry band of faggotts and moslems with him. Asshole.


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They will bend the knee