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Yea it turns my stomach that the savages are being let in. I firmly believe that their will be a civil war in many countries because of these savages and it is not going to be pretty. But now this time there is a digital record of the enablers and the traitors. They will not be able to hide in the background when the muzzies do start a fucking war within our countries. I have no doubt that they will not win because whites when pushed to a wall can be very efficient in removing threats. Once they are repelled the punishment of the assholes that let the fuckers in should be enjoyable. Why the fuck have we gone from muzzies being seen as they really are to arresting anyone that complains when a muzzie rapes what the fuck went wrong with our society?


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The muslims aren't difficult to deal with. Get rid of the people behind it and send them all home. We all know who drives it and how. Just call them globalcorp and direct everyone's hatred towards that. Their fake front is antifa and blm and the politicians they own. That's extremely public and pushed to death by globalcorp's news media to take the heat off of themselves.

Turn lefties against global corp and you'll never, ever have to defend your stand against (((them))).


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They are already at war with us. Few admit it. Few notice. Fewer are doing anything about it.

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You think? I'd say one would have to be superstitious to believe multikult is a good thing, can't see a lot of atheists defending islam.

What do christian priests say about the whole thing in your country? In mine, they cant get enough islam or open borders. Whats the pope's stance on invaders?


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I'm not sure if it will be a civil war or a just a war against Muslim invaders. Of course there will probably still be some delusional leftist faggots that still believe in the multicultural bullshit that need to be killed off.


[–] EuropeanRapeWar ago  (edited ago)

Laying into their psychotic white defenders would be the best part tbh