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This is an area that is still actively being researched, and it could take some time because it is a complicated problem.

From what is understood, the purpose of oxytocin is to basically form emotional bonds with partners. It isn't just sexual either, it plays a role in development of children that seems to be helping to form parent-child bonds as well. It reduces aggression in men, likely because one of the main roles of male aggression is competition between other men over sexual partners.

So what happens when there is no partner to bond to ? You're just sitting there with your dick in your hand looking at an inanimate object (your screen). I'm sure there are some neurochemical differences, I'm sure on some level the brain 'knows' there isn't another person there. But it seems as if the psychological impact is drastically different. You're not successfully pair-bonding with another person and so the feeling you're having is completely hollow.

It's an interesting question, I don't know if anyone has a concrete answer other than 'there are differences we don't fully understand yet, but they're there'.