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No one likes a race-traitor.

Dumb bitches like these deserve to be culled from our white genepool. She forfeited her right to have a normal relationship with a white man when she opened her legs for a dumb filthy nigger.

She betrayed her own kind and deserves to be shunned forever. Same for that half-breed mudblood kid of hers. Genetic abominations, both of them.


[–] dooob 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago 

It isnt even racism or shit like that. Men who want to have children in future, they want their own child, not someone else's child. It is a big deal-breaker for me, i dont think any girl could change my mind on it.

If i was in a situation that i was married to someone that has a son, i would feel ashamed telling people it is not my own. A black child? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeveryone will know it is not your child, everyone who sees you.


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She took the choice away from any future men and doesn't even think about that.

Being a widow is literally the only pass women like this get for what should be an obvious reason. In times gone by they would openly be referred to as widows so others would know she wasn't a whore and the kid(s) weren't bastards.

But again this make a man who has no kids of his own look like a bitch. Especially if the kid is a mulatto mistake.


[–] steven_feelsperg 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago  (edited ago)

She forfeited her right to have a normal relationship with a white man when she opened her legs for a dumb filthy nigger.

I have a slightly different take on this.

Women do not have conscious thought, but feelz. Their value is inherently biological, unlike men whose value is defined externally by what they do with their life. As forebearers of life, women are absolutely necessary in the life cycle. Without women, death would swallow the species whole.

Because they aren't predisposed for long term planning, organizing, or gathering resources, they'll seek someone who will. This also makes them easily manipulated.

Dad must discipline her to embrace her natural biological role until he can hand her off to a suitor who will continue his role. They must both guard against (((contrary social cues))) influencing her so she doesn't become an unhappy wench. The husband becomes Dad with dick.

If she's acting out against Dad, he didn't care for his property.

In this case, he probably didn't understand either of their roles thanks to (((cultural Marxism))) that brought us ((feminism))). She soured without his guard and instinctively rebelled.

The closest analogy to describe women is like property.

And property cannot have rights.

But property can have still immense value. Just measured differently.


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You are getting down-voted but this is exactly right, women evolved to follow the lead of their providers and the social norms set by their tribe rather than to think for themselves. The main problem is that even if you are a good father the law and society in white countries is all set up to prevent you from being able to raise a daughter in way that will keep her from turning in to a worthless whore.


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You thinking is largely correct. But then doesn't the fault really lay with White men for allowing it to happen, and continuing to do nothing about it.