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Muh free speech. It's a fantasy, just like a constitution or universal human rights. The only way abstract ideas hold power in reality is if they are present in the minds of the people, and the heads of the people in these tech-companies are filled with diversity and social "progress" worship to such a degree that there's not room for much else.

You can write all the papers you want perfectly arguing how you should legally be pardoned and released, but if you are taken hostage by 3rd worlders with no restraints, do you really think that is the best cause of action? You're going to have to fight your way out to freedom, using wits and brawn, or they're going to chop your fucking head off. Deal with it or die and be forgotten as the man who believed in the universal laws.

Free speech is a concept that belonged in the glory age of the 18th century and may belong in the ones to come, who knows. It has no place in contemporary history and in the existential battle we are in. If you can't see that you haven't been paying attention.

Let the leftists have their kosher wrongthink, but what exactly is it people expect to gain from appealing to their "morals" when they say they want to fight for "all free speech" in response? Would be nice if we had someone who could tear off this last remnant of cuckservatism and stand up for ethno-nationalism as the sole and undeniable truth.

TL;DR: Don't appeal to the good nature of Jews. It's not there. They couldn't give two shits about "free speech". They want to see us gone and all who resist made criminals.


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“So much noise for one of 6 million customers occupying 20 percent of your brain space is inefficient.”

6 million you say? A little wink.


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TechCrunch is corrupt and should be archived in the OP. It doesn't deserve our support. Please keep this in mind for future posts.

Also, please see:



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over six million


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So the guy who won't take a stand against ISIS websites takes one against a Nazi satire site?


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https://archive.is/qwKUp | https://files.catbox.moe/ujolhl.png :

Cloudflare CEO calls for a system to regulate hateful internet content | TechCrunch

'Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince has called for the implementation of a framework to govern how the internet’s gatekeepers deal with cases like The Daily Stormer. '

'Prince said he plans to speak to other stakeholders in the internet content space, but he admitted that he doesn’t have a definitive plan on what steps should be taken next. '

'Seven-year-old Cloudflare took the step of cutting support for The Daily Stormer website on Thursday, which is notable as it’s the first time it has ever removed a customer from its service. '

'The article revealed how the neo-Nazi site was using Cloudflare’s customer feedback policy to harass people who lodged complaints against its content. '

'He’s still adjusting to the move that Cloudflare made, which represented an about-turn on its policy 24 hours earlier, he said. '

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Matthew Prince ?


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A prince is a junior royal, it's not a name. ((()))