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Your post works as a perfect analogy for white countries.

Our forefathers started from nothing and worked hard to create amazing countries. We try to see the good in people, so we let others in, only to have it bite us in the ass. Are they all like that? No. Are enough of them like that to the point where letting none of them in would be better for us? Of course.

Whites need to learn that our generosity is only used against us.


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I still can't believe the entitlement and tone of this woman when my wife confronted her too. It was downright despicable that she felt it was within her rights to outright steal from us under our own noses. Apparently, she still felt entitled to reparations from slavery? Who the fuck knows.


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Apparently, she still felt entitled to reparations from slavery?

This generation of blacks seems to be full-on "fuck whitey" instead of "let's work with whitey". They have no idea how hard this strategy will bite them in the ass.


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It takes lots of people to fill up a China shop. It only takes one bull to empty it.