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[–] Transylvanian 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago 

Maybe the Identitarians are taking this spartan thing too seriously. They'll show up with a phalanx shield wall and Achmed will mow'em down with an AK47.


[–] Gorillion 1 point 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

A: it teaches team cohesion and coordination.

B: it teaches a good defense is as important as offense.

C: shields exist that are bulletproof, and even have little windows in them. They'd still have to worry about IEDs and molotovs.

D: Achmed Schmuckmed. These Phalanxes are for the coming street battles with BLM and AntiFags. Have a sniper up on a roof giving cover for any potential fire-throwers. Take out the rest man-to-man with heavy batons. Then everything is defensible in a court of law. If muslims start street battles, just use guns and kill them all and burn every mosque. Keep the kids at home.

Anyway, this is all silliness. Of course they wouldn't use toy shields in an actual battle scenario. What's important is that it's starting to counter-act our cultural pussification in the way children play. They're getting out of their rooms, away from their computers and online team-based games, and starting to practice team coordination in person. Building muscle memory and mental feedback systems.

I'd be totally for bringing "games" like this back into school and weekend clubs. Let the kids who aren't so into sports, or aren't big or elite enough to make the school teams have their own war-game leagues. If shit were to go down on the streets, it's the jocks who would be faring the best against attackers because of their strong team skills and athleticism. But there's no reason not to train up the nerdier kids as the back-up battalions. The guys who hold the line while the swifter and stronger venture forward in directed counter-attacks.


[–] Transylvanian 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago 

You'd look like the biggest queer faggots if you showed up to a protest with shields. And law enforcement + media would construe it as your agitating for a fight.


[–] Dark_Shroud 1 point 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

In America guns and self defense are a God given rite.


[–] Obergruppenkraken 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

You know bullet proof shields are a thing right?


[–] Transylvanian 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago 

Fighting a rifleman with a "bulletproof" shield is retarded. Though your volunteering to be swiss cheese diverts Achmed's attention, allowing us to outflank him. Realistically, that's the most efficient way to put you to use.