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lol wow butthurt. This is on the front page of voat, btw, calm down. Wow, I triggered people even more than I had hoped :D


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Just yelling triggered and butthurt is not an argument. I am not the one who is failing to uphold their ideals because of lowered standards due to muh dik. If you do not believe in the 14 words then why are you here. Just to brag about dishonoring your ancestors and hers, while claiming anypne who doesn't support White genocide the way you do is just jealous of the person who lowered their standards. You will never have White children. You will never secure an existence for our people. You will never have kids that look like you. You will however live to see the health problems and your kids become liberals because they do not have any heritage they can look back on and say "those are my ancestors." You will live to see the few values you didn't cuck out on tossed aside and never passed on to your mongrel children. You will live to see the error of your ways, but only when it is to late.


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nah, even white is all mixed up, homo sapien is mixed up. You shouldn't try to preserve a specific phenotype; that's illogical, anti-science, and against evolution. You should try to make your offspring as dominant as possible for the specific environment. Also trying to maintain one phenotype in close breeding leads to weak genes, proven a million times over. The smartest thing to do, would be to mix your genes with the best complimentary genes possible, for the given environment. It's obvious to see China will rule the world soon; I'm making the wise decision. Also, my girlfriend's mathematical abilities are beyond what just about any white person can ever hope to achieve, and she's not even finished in her mathematical pursuits yet. So she's definitely adding something to my gene pool