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He stickied in v/European a video which shit on all the altright figures and let it be on the top over a week. He might be a leftist shill or a mentally ill person.


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e-celebs are generally pretty cancerous and controlled it's better to honor ideas and not people

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You realize Rambo's not alt-right, don't you? Criticizing figures does not make one "mentally ill", unless you think that we should try and preserve unity just for its own sake.


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These idiots, in their constant state of delusion, think that people actually want to subscribe to this alt-right kikery. I'm far-right, I am NatSoc, I don't want anything to do with the alt-right. It's a soulless "embrace all" cuck fest. The far-right however is an exclusive club for people who will rather stand alone than walk side by side with jews and faggots.

The alt-right cucks keep telling everyone that this or that guy isn't alt-right, but that they're alt-light. It's just bullshit. The problem with the alt-right is that it has no ideological foundation, it has and never will have a leader, it is a non-movement and a non-ideology. The only people whom's interest it serves to push the alt-right narrative are the ones that do not want us on the right to have a strong ideology to stand behind.

This TRS and alt-right crowd is a particular breed of stubborn who embracers of the "muh PR attitude". Hell their own lead figure got ousted for being married to a jew and having lied about it, yet they forgive like submissive wife. There's a long list of good men that TRS banned from their forums for "purity spiralling". That alone should show what these people are.

Only a degenerates and spineless people would be against ideological purity.


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I don't have it saved. Take time and scroll.

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The problem is that if we criticize his moronic views he bans us. Faggot can't make coherent argument.