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Many Jews are intermarrying, but only in the diaspora and only in the West. One major reason for the establishment of Israel among early Zionists was to prevent intermarriage and of course they have succeeded. The Jewish community in the West will be made up increasingly of Orthodox or very conservative Jews. They have a high birthrate and many of them, like Jared Kushner, are very successful and talented, and some of these people do leave their communities and outmarry, and become more secular. These less ethnocentric Jews will be pulled away from the community, like your nieces, but the community will not disappear, even in the West, and its doubtful that it will become less powerful, although they will have to deal with large groups of immigrants how are not sympatico with Jews. This could be a problem, as in the UK where the Labour Party has become quite anti-Israel, and there are similar stirring among the Democrats in the US.