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The thesis of CofC is that Jewish intellectuals have been the backbone of the intellectual left and have mounted an assault on traditional values, etc. I wouldn't phrase it as a master plan but it is certainly true that Jews on the left wanted to destroy what Abby Hoffman called the WASP power elite and assume a position of power (see: intellectuals also tended to take skeptical, hostile views of traditional Christian morality--see the current article on Occidental Observer -- as John Murray Cuddihy pointed out in The Ordeal of Civility. Jewish power must always make allowance of cooperating non-Jews because Jews are such a small minority, so, for example, neocons have promoted non-Jews who are on page with their ideas, and the same goes for Hollywood, etc. I worry about Trump--especially the apparent demotion of Bannon and the rise of Ivanka/Jared. I am trying to wrap my head around it and write something on it soon, but it's pretty hard without insider knowledge. There certainly are a lot of Jews in the administration and, with perhaps the exception of Steve Miller, they do not have a history of values supporting a rollback on immigration, economic nationalism, non-interventionist foreign policy that we liked Trump for originally. Unlike many on the Alt Right, I have not given up though. Trump is under unbelievable pressure from all sides, including the courts and especially the media, trying to de-legitimize his presidency. In such a situation, it's very difficult to go for radical changes. Perhaps if he can generate more political capital (e,g., if the health care bill is a success--which I doubt), things could change.