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In CoC you argue that Jews have gotten themselves into positions of power that can widely influence the greater population as a form of hyper tribal instinct and survival. At this point, do you think they are looking for total hegemony over the gentiles or is the decadence of non Jewish culture as a result of their influence simply a result of, well, the Jews in power themselves? Since people in charge exert their views and influences over the others.

Also, in your opinion, do you think that Trump is controlled by the tribe? Do Jews have as big of an influence, if not bigger, in politics today than during the Civil Rights era all across the western world as to directly affect the presidencies and top leadership of our countries?


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The thesis of CofC is that Jewish intellectuals have been the backbone of the intellectual left and have mounted an assault on traditional values, etc. I wouldn't phrase it as a master plan but it is certainly true that Jews on the left wanted to destroy what Abby Hoffman called the WASP power elite and assume a position of power (see: intellectuals also tended to take skeptical, hostile views of traditional Christian morality--see the current article on Occidental Observer -- as John Murray Cuddihy pointed out in The Ordeal of Civility. Jewish power must always make allowance of cooperating non-Jews because Jews are such a small minority, so, for example, neocons have promoted non-Jews who are on page with their ideas, and the same goes for Hollywood, etc. I worry about Trump--especially the apparent demotion of Bannon and the rise of Ivanka/Jared. I am trying to wrap my head around it and write something on it soon, but it's pretty hard without insider knowledge. There certainly are a lot of Jews in the administration and, with perhaps the exception of Steve Miller, they do not have a history of values supporting a rollback on immigration, economic nationalism, non-interventionist foreign policy that we liked Trump for originally. Unlike many on the Alt Right, I have not given up though. Trump is under unbelievable pressure from all sides, including the courts and especially the media, trying to de-legitimize his presidency. In such a situation, it's very difficult to go for radical changes. Perhaps if he can generate more political capital (e,g., if the health care bill is a success--which I doubt), things could change.