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What do you think the future of America is for whites? I know you don't have a crystal ball but what is your best guess as to what sort of life my grandchildren will have as white people in America? Is it still too soon to tell? If so what is the most practical thing we can do on an individual level to make sure our children and grandchildren have a bright future? Hope this question isn't too broad. Thank you for your time.

Also if anyone would like to join our discord server at then you're more than welcome to. We promote ethnonationalism and traditional family values, as well as discussing politics and other such things.


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Of course, I am deeply worried about our future. I see a future when Whites will be a despised, persecuted minority unless things are turned around. I also see a highly racialized world where voting patterns and associational patterns more and more determined by race. I commend you for having a site dedicated to ethnonationalism and traditional family values, and I mentioned TrueCascadia previously. We have to each make decisions to make our personal, family lives adaptive (e.g., by having children) but also think what we can do for the movement. Everyone can do something. We have to think about how we can make a contribution to the wider movement.


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We definitely need to have children. 3 is a good middle class amount to have. If you have well off 4 or 5 is a good number

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Got any tips on starting your own business. Id love to but I have no idea how to even start one, nevermind run one.


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Thank you for the link. My life just got a whole lot brighter after the interview :D