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Why is racism against white people so publicly acceptable in this day and age? All this anti-white propaganda and SJW nonsense is just going to make us angrier and angrier until Pandora's box finally gets opened. It's like their end game is to get wrecked by whites in a race war.


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They don't understand that we're an extremely patient people and mistake us for being weak.


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Exactly. When that patience collectively runs out I have no doubt that whites will come out on top.

These SJW/antifa/BLM/Marxist faggots are the ones creating this monster, piece by piece, whilst at the same time dodging all responsibility for their idiocy and using white people as the boogeymen scapegoats.

It is not going to end well for them.


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The race war is what the powers that be want. It will be easy to start the mass culling on both sides of the race war. We should all get along. And unite to dethrone the assholes trying to make us fight each other.


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There's no getting along with Muslims and niggers are pretty bad as it is.


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The race war is what the powers that be want.

What makes you think (((the powers that be))) won't be targeted in a Whites-against-everybody-else war? That's the one thing I'm curious about. The people trying to set off racial tensions are hated by every other racial group. Whoever wins, they lose as the new racial elite takes power.


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It is pro-white to keep proud whites off of goybook imo.


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Well they've already turned many white men into fags and pussies so here we are


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I have to say I agree. Not that I'm into overt acts of violence and aggression, but man, a lot of men are total pussies these days. Men need to up their game.

Funny thing is, all these brainwashed feminazis claim that a total pussified she-man is what is desirable, but that isn't really true. She wants the tame able warrior. She wants him to be loving and kind with her, but also to be strong, confident and capable. Think Jamie in Outlander. Strong, capable, intelligent and courageous. But also tender (with her), benevolent and merciful. It's a balance.

Too much tenderness, kindness and mercifulness can make him a coward.

There is a reason why all of the men in romance novels are the way they are. They are this archetype. Even the main love interests in that shitbag Twilight followed this trope. And they fought over her. That always makes girls swoon, whether they admit it or not.

The extreme left wants to pretend that these ancient archetypes aren't built in to our psyche from the ground up, evolutionarily speaking. Try as they may, though, they will not be able to destroy that. It'll come back, probably with great force, and that can be a bad thing if the pendulum is pushed to far away. The swing back could be major and deadly.


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Cuckbook is Anti-White and they sell your personal data to megacorporations.


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Yeah, FB is pretty disgusting.


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That's why I've never used it and never will.


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They have to keep the lights on somehow. The paranoia over targeted advertising is a bit silly in my view (so long as it's 100% voluntary of course).


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Everybody go to twitter. Type "white people" in the search and filter by latest. Watch dozens of tweets a minute come in of blacks saying the most racist shit about white people, 24-7.

Now type in "black people" and watch more anti white racism. It's all one sided on social media.


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Kike book



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And yet white people keep using it, because it's more important to exclude thought criminals than for anybody to have liberty.


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Puttitout_Is_Fat nearing -700 CCP.

Antivo is what I'd call him.


His real home is facebook reddit 4chan or whatever. He thinks he comes here to "smash fascists".

Gets positive CCP by sucking up to fph pizzagate etc.

Secretly he's a fat pedo nigger jew faggit SJW cuck.


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Okay, I know we all knew it was happening up until now, but I just want to officially state for the record: Systemic racism against white people is officially happening..

You can't be proud to be white..
"White power" is considered hateful but no other color is..
People of color get help for housing before whites because of minority quotas..
Police get backlash from shooting a black, but hardly none from shooting a white..
People on TV and internet can say "I hope white people go extinct" yet if you say that about any other color you are attacked and not allowed to speak on any shows ever again..
Some groups in universities want minority-only groups where whites aren't allowed to join, yet you aren't allowed to have a whites-only group..
If you run a company you have to make sure a percentage are minority, but there is no quota for white people.. So having all minorities is okay but having all whites will get you in trouble..
If you run ads or shows with too many white people you get attacked.. But having for example all black people would be fine..


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Having all minorites is not just okay, they give awards for that!


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This is why hot war is our best option.

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