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Ahh yes. Another thread filled with "rumors" in an attempt to theory-craft smear Trump.

Obama's administration was full of foreign nationals and corrupt as hell, but lets forget all about that.


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No one is saying that Trump is worse than the previous administrations, nor is anyone saying he is worse than Hillary would have been.

We just need to be realistic about Trump's presidency, which many seem to fail to do. His cabinet is filled with Jews. We can't be like T_D and think everything he does is some "4D chess." If Trump does something that is against what he campaigned for, or against our interests, we need to call him out on it. And if we're wrong about his decisions - as in, if it actually turns out to be "4D chess" - then that's great. It's great to be wrong on that; I'll be the first to admit if I'm wrong. But sitting on the sidelines and saying nothing while he bombs Syria, talks about the "dead children" as an excuse, and acts borderline neocon accomplishes nothing.

To respond to Estalia's post, I agree with your assessment. The Overton Window has already shifted very far, and there is a huge white nationalist/pro-white awakening that probably would not have happened without Trump running for president. As more countries impose stricter "hate speech" laws, more people will become discontent. If Trump is truly subverted, and becomes no better than your typical neocon, you'll see an even greater awakening happen. People aren't happy with the way things are, and that's why he was elected.

There were even comments on Trump's address after the Syria bombings, on the White House YouTube channel, calling out ZOG and Jews. The goyim know, and this movement will only continue to grow larger.