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Hi All

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am a white nationalist South African. I reside in Johannesburg. I'll post a few things I thing you will find interesting, otherwise fire away with your questions.

Here is the first documentary I think you will find very informative. It's called Africa Addio and pertains initially to the kicking of whites out of Kenya in the 50's. It provides a great road map for what was to happen to whites throughout Southern Africa.

It was then the Congo/ Zaire in the 60's. Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe in the 70's. Namibia in the late 70's and 80's and finally us in the late 80's up until now.


Kind regards

Jarrod Viljoen


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Hi Jarrod, glad you could do this AMA.

How has South Africa changed throughout your life?

Do you think there's any hope left for the white South Africans, or is the situation too far gone for anything to be done?

Are there more organizations such as the Suidlanders that those outside of South Africa can help support?

Thanks for your time.


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Hi The-Chronic

Thank you for your questions. SA is a textbook case of what a communist take over looks like, whereby blacks are used as proxies to lay flat any remnants of a white civilization and what was accomplished by our forefathers here.

Pretty much since I was born SA was a shit hole. I was born in November of '89, and in early February of '90, FW de Klerk unbanned all communist terrorist organizations as well as the well known terrorist Nelson Mandela.

Political violence obviously went through the roof during the early 90's until April of '94 when we had our first 'democrazy' elections in which blacks were made the equals of whites. It's all history from there pretty much.

The situation since the unbanning of all Marxist terrorist organizations by the traitor de Klerk in the early 90's sealed our fate. In that vein, from my perspective, this is a good thing, as the British created Union of South Africa (1910) which forced various tribes under one banner was a big bugger up imo.

The quicker the country collapses, the quicker we can establish our own territories again.

Yes, there are plenty more organization apart from the Suidlanders (SL). Some more aggressive than SL but we all have the same objective in mind.


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If someone was to supply weapons and ammunition for a white SA uprising, how many whites would realistically fight, and what would happen to those that wouldn't or couldn't?

EDIT: And if there was an uprising, would the rebels be willing to give land compensation to white fighters from around the world? I think you could build a formidable army this way.


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Very good question, and I hope the answer doesn't leave you despondent, rather just accept it and see it like I have as a positive.

So the white population is about 4.3 million. Say half half for men and women. That gives us just over two million men. Let's work with 2 million, a nice round number. Work with an age group of say 25-60. You are looking at about 400 000 to 500 000 men.

The reality is only about 1.5% - 3% of your fighting aged male population will burn hot enough to pick up a rifle and go and fight. Some stats say only about 6% of boers men fought against the English. So say we use 6%, which is higher than the normal 3% out of about 400 000 fighting aged men, that leaves you with about 24 000 men.

Now remember, it may seem like a little, but these are your most brutally patriotic men, not one ounce of cowardice in their blood and bones.

Remember what Alexander the Great did with about 30 000 men...

On that note we do have our own weapons, small arms, I own two handguns and two assault rifles. (I'm still waiting for the licence on the second AR) but I still have one in my possession at least.

Now the blacks number upwards of 50 million. It appears it is hopeless, but only to someone who hasn't studied military history and the present situation in SA.

Firstly blacks are not a homogenous group, there are multiple tribes and millions of foreigners who all hate each other.

Look at the recent xenophobic violence where our blacks went on a rampage against foreign blacks.

Just some things for you to think about.

Also, regarding the women and children, that is where organisations like Suidlanders come into play whereby we will remove all women and children to safe zones within 12 - 24 hours to protect them.

Yes, admittedly there are also plenty of libtards running around, but the blacks will be doing us a favor in getting rid of them for us.


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people should study rommel for more proof on this. his reputation was so great that when he was outnumbered 5 to 1 entire towns would flee when they heard he was coming. that's why i never put too much concern into us being outnumbered. it doesn't matter. if you can choose brains or toughness ill take brains every single time. if toughness was important cheetahs gorillas and lions would rule the world


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Yes, land will be offered I have no doubt. We could get plenty of American war vets alone if we offered land when the dust finally settles.


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I would fight for citizenship in a white country I helped create. Land is awesome though...

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White South Africans simply put suffer from classic Stokholm Sydrome.

In other words they are shit scared due to all the fiercely anti-white propaganda that has been pushed into their minds over the last few decades.

Some whites are awake - not many - and have studied and understand their history, while others are clueless and believe what the ANC pushes out as propaganda ie whites stole the land, whites destroyed peaceful black civilizations when they arrived, whites are evil yada yada yada.

Whether in South Africa or in America - you see whites history been distorted, statues taken down, flags banned (think confederate flag) There is very clearly - to those of us who are awake, a clear and co-ordinated anti-white and white minoritisation plan in action.

The biggest problem for white people, are, and I hate to admit it, is other white people who are spineless cowards or what we call liberals.

The blacks are a like pig piss they are so stupid. They can be dealt with swiftly, but too many retarded liberal whites cannot see the trees from the forest. They call us racist etc etc.

They are just weak and deserved to be taken out by the non-whites.

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For anyone who didn't see the announcement post: About Jarrod


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thank you so much for all you're doing. i, as a white south african still living here, feel a horrible mixture of fear, hopelessness and guilt i'm not doing more. though not sure what i can do besides talk about it. let me know if there's any way a broke guy like me can help.


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Drop me a mail Brother millsviljoen@gmail.com

Let me know in the mail where you stay, I'm in Joburg, we can perhaps meet up.

I have other like minded mates all across the country. We have a Daily Stormer WhatsApp group for memes and basically just lulz.

A few other groups too which keep people posted about emergency (nood) situations.

I look forward to hearing from you Brother.


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thanks again for all you goys are doing.

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Howzit Boetie

Wow 16! 'So young and so awake, mooi man!!!

This is a tricky one as there are a number of factors to consider. My sincere advice is to stay in America for now and keep spreading the word. I have a mate who travelled the states for 6 months and ended up in Amarillo Texas. He and his other South African mate walked into the local bar and within 60s an old Vietnam vet walked up to them and asked them where they were from - you know, been foreigners they stuck out and he wanted to make sure they were not trouble makers. As soon as my mate said South African the Nam vet blurted out 'so you guys hate niggers too' and it was a good time after that.

My point is to keep spreading the word and waking up as many white Americans as possible. We are going to need their support one of these days - be it weapons, future investment to rebuild after the war etc. make sure you study hard, get a good education and go to varsity or do a trade if you are the dexterous type. You want to possess as many skills as possible in order to help our Volk.

Keep up to date with SA By Reading Mike Smiths blog...just no JQ, it's like Amren with Jared Taylor ;)


I don't see us settling in another part of the world, this is our home and to hell with the niggers who want to dispossess us of our inheritance.

The fight is pretty much about to start boetie, the final nails are been nailed into the coffin with Zuma's latest actions.

Drop me a mail at millsviljoen1@gmail.com and we can stay in touch.

Keep well, sterkte!

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When all hell breaks loose, will government forces be leading the genocide? Or will it be carried out by proxy nigs with machetes?


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Here are some links you may find interesting, regarding the SACP (South African Communist Party) and how they have been assisting in the training of militia youths and placing them over various parts of the country over the last few years:



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This article will explain it all. You can see the parallels between Zimbabwe and SA.

Our coon 'yufs' are getting trained by the black government on military bases. So yes, they will have machetes/ panga's, but also be well armed and well trained - up to the level of a nigger of course.

There will also be African Union troops assisting in getting rid of the blacks. The reason 'yufs' in civilian clothing will be used is because no one in government can then be held accountable in the ICC. Not that I trust the UN or ICC in any case, but just for your information.

Our niglets 'soldiers' operate under the guise of NARYSEC youth brigade.

Go read this:


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